Dino World

This past weekend we made a trip to Dinosaur World in Cave City, Ky. Cave City is located about 30 minutes North-East of Bowling Green. Dinosaur World is just off the interstate at the Cave City exit.
We invited the Deboard family to join us. Ryan and Kristin Deboard have been a part of our life group at Church for a while now. They have two boys, Caleb and Andrew. Ian and Andrew are about the same age while Caleb is a couple years older. All the boys have a lot of fun together. I think it’s safe to say that trips like this are easier in groups, the boys kept each other entertained.

The parks main attraction is a walking trail featuring a number of real-sized Dinosaur models. They’re real enough to get an idea of how big they were but fake enough to not be scary. One of my fears was that Ian would be afraid of some of the larger carnivores.

In the back of the trail rests a Photosaurus, an extra size model of a T-Rex. This thing is giant. It probably stands 150/200ft tall. There is a nice padded area to take pictures from. This is the same T-Rex that’s visible from the interstate as you drive by. The kids had a lot of fun climbing around on it.

After we finished the trail, we took a lunch break at a small play area. They’ve set up a play area that’s surrounded by picnic tables. This was a nice break area through the day, we could stop and sit for a bit while the kids played. We had just enough time to finish lunch before an excavation dig!. This is just a small sandbox filled with actual fossil pieces. I was expecting just a dig, but I was impressed that they let the kids take 3 small fossils each as part of the dig. Ian found a tooth! No idea what it’s from, but he found it!

Overall, Dinosaur World is well worth the visit. It’s only about 2 hours from Mt Juliet and we easily found 3-4 hours worth of things to do. We’ll probably make another trip when Clara gets a little older.

Photo Album: https://goo.gl/photos/PqXYi1dAnVctxete9

Rock Island 2017

Rock Island is a Tennessee State Park located southeast of Nashville. It’s about a 2-hour drive from downtown. Alex and I have made a couple trips to local waterfalls so far and each has been a blast. It’s incredible to me that Tennessee features so many waterfalls. According to tnlandforms.us (a geological study from the University of Tennessee), there are 659 waterfalls in the state. Not all of these are State Parks, but it speaks to the landscape of Tennessee.

We knew ahead of time maintenance was being done on the river. This would mean that some of the better trails would be closed, we decided to make the trip anyway. We started with an overlook at great falls. Even though we couldn’t venture into the gorge, it was incredible to see the great falls with the Dam wide open.

From there we ventured to the opposite side of the river to the downstream trail. We were hopeful that we might get some good scenery from there; not to mention, we had promised Ian he could throw rocks into the waterfall. Once we started down the trailhead, we found a small path that led to the river. We decided to venture down rather than hike the entire downstream trail. The hike was only about 1/5 mile, however, it was very rocky and steep. This makes hikes a little difficult with a 2-year-old and a 5-month-old. We let Ian do much of the hiking on his own, he was a champion. We captured a few good pictures while on this path. Luckily we ran into a few others to take our picture.

From here, we had to do some actual climbing to get to the river. It’s difficult to tell in the picture above, but we were still about 20ft above the water line. Luckily we were able to find a series of rocks that shaped stairs (of sorts). Ian finally got to throw his rocks!

While throwing rocks, Alex spotted a snake right beside her and Ian! I happened to be taking a video at the time. If you look just to the left of Alex when I’m moving the camera, you can barely make out the snake. She was very close to it!

We didn’t get a good look so we assumed the worst (something poisonous), we decided to get Ian and Clara as far away as quickly as possible. We hiked back up the trail. Ian was a rock star, he got all the way out with little to no help at all!

Overall it was a fun trip. Short, but fun. We plan on making another trip out once the better trails are opened back up.