Play Set!

Last week Alex and I put together a swing set for Ian (and eventually Clara). This is a relatively simple process with the exception of our yard. The furthest back section of our yard begins a steep upward grade to another set of houses. In order to construct the play set, we had to dig a fair amount of dirt to level the surface. Luckily, I had some paver base left over from another project I was able to put down to level the surface off. In addition, I used water based spray paint to mark where the set would be located. The dimensions were included in the instructions. The solid lines are where I expected the set to land, while the dotted lines are where I expected to dig.

I’m proud of the fact the finished product landed dead-on my line:

So far, Ian loves it. He was a little nervous to get started on the “big-boy-swing”, but he got over that fairly quickly. Here’s a little video of him showing off the rock climb and slide.