Faith and Family night

This past week the Sounds hosted a Faith and Family night at First Tennessee Park. Since Clara was born, we’ve tried to be intentional about doing a few special things with only Ian. He and I have taken a couple Saturday morning trips to Waffle House. He and Alex have gone shopping or to play games, etc. We’d never, however, done something together with just Ian. The obvious problem being someone needs to watch Clara. We decided this would be a good time to spend with just Ian, so we hired a baby sitter to watch Clara for the night.

We got tickets through our church for only 5 dollars (pretty good right?). This included entrance to the field, a concert before the game and seats to the game. If you’ve never been to First Tennessee Park, you’re missing out. This place is awesome. They have a public lounge/bar area with corn-hole, ping-pong, and other games. A 9-hole putt-putt course designed by local Nashville vendors. Inflatables for kids and a lot of food. As Ian got bored with the game, we would slip out and play one of the games they had around.

One event stood out. One of the inflatables was a large slide. Ian asked several times if he could go down it. It was large enough that I was concerned he wouldn’t be able to reach the ladder steps, we decided to try anyway. When we got closer to the slide I said to Ian “That’s a really tall ladder, are you sure you want to do this? Once you start, you can’t stop” He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “Yes, I’m sure”.

I got very excited about this, Ian was by far the smallest kid in line. When it was finally his turn, he ran to get started but got scared by a large hole at the bottom of the stairs. I asked, “Are you going to do it?” He looked scared but determined. I asked, “Do you want me to help you?”, to that, he said “Yes”.

I took my shoes off and met him at the base, I picked him up and put him on the first steps. From there he was golden. He climbed all the way to the top without hesitation. Once there, he moved over to the slide and went! It may sound cheesy, but I was very proud of him. He’s proven time and again to be a very brave little boy. We’re very lucky to have him in the family.

Overall the night was a lot of fun. I think Ian enjoyed the time too. Here’s a video of the slide, bounce house, and some pictures!

Murray, 2017 edition

This past weekend we all took a trip to Murray Kentucky. Murray holds a special place in our hearts because so many major events in our lives happened here. We both went to school here; We met here, Got Married here, developed our first relationships here. There are a number of things I could focus on, but I really want to narrow it down to a few, the first being the Church.

The Church (Elm Grove) is important to us because we received so much support from the people there. To this day, I’ve never felt so encouraged and blessed by the people around me. Many families there would have Alex and me over for dinner, buy us lunch after church, take us on trips. You name it, these guys did it. When we go back to Murray, we try to link up with as many of these people as possible.

We stayed with David and Dee Morgan. They’re a prime example of one of the families that really took us in. We spent a lot of time with them and with their family (Johnny, Cathy, Jayden, and Kaylee) this trip. Funny fact, when we first started spending time with the Morgans and Morris’, Kaylee was around 3 years old. The same age Ian is now. It’s crazy how quickly 7 years can pass! While Alex and I used to spend a lot of time playing games with Jayden and Kaylee, now their kids are playing games with our kids. It was humbling to realize this.

While there, we did some of the classics: went to Los Portales, Dumplins and DQ. Spent a Sunday morning at Elm Grove. Overall, it was a nice little trip. I’m glad we were able to go.

Here are a few shots from our visit.