Growing up

Our neighborhood features a small family pool not far from our house. While we’ve talked about going, we’d never made the commitment until this past weekend. Ian has a new fascination with water; partly due to a small pool Alex set up for him. It’s a fun way to be outside and cool off during the summer. The water is only about 7 inches deep which means the only thing Ian can do is splash around, usually on Clara.
On Saturday we finally decided to make a trip to the pool and see how both kids liked it. I’m surprised to report that Ian is terrified of water. This is interesting to me because we’ve never warned him about water. Other things (such as fire or knives) we stress how dangerous they are. If you’ve ever been around Ian, you’ve likely heard him say “fire hot!” “fire hot!” or ask “knife super very dangerous?” at least once. He understands that these things are dangerous because of how often we remind him.
His fear of water is interesting to me because he’s never displayed a fear of anything we didn’t warn him about. In other words, we have taught him what he should be afraid of up to this point in his life. This fear of water (a healthy fear, I might add) has been deduced by him completely. He alone came to the outcome that water can be dangerous. I’ve pondered this a bit since Saturday, the conclusion I’ve come to is that Ian is growing up. It’s funny how what I thought of “growing up” and what it actually ends up being are two different things.
After a lot of encouragement and support, I was able to convince Ian to get in the big pool with me. After he got used to it, he enjoyed it. He even let me hold him out, by his arms only for a bit! I’m planning to make a few extra trips to the pool this summer. With a bit of luck, I’ll get him to try going underwater!

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